Tonight i'm going to say "i love you"

Right now, I want to speak English.
Tonight I'm going to speak English with my girlfriend.
I want to tell her, a word of love.
All night long, I would tell her "I love you".
One day I want to marry her.
I enjoy MH because i like her mind and her rebellious spirit.
I want to live my life with her.
I would like to have four children.
I'm looking forward to having children to teach them the enjoyment of life.

In this photo, it's mh


accident in Paris

Yersterday, i had an accident with my motorbike.
I knocked down a young woman.
She was crossing the street very fast outside the pedestrian crossing, she was running.
I crashed her.
Fortunately, nobody was hurt.
Exept my motorbike. It is a bit broken.
In this picture, this is my motorbike.
A motorbike made in Taiwan.
But I have a little difficulty. My wrist and my shoulder are still a bit painful (douloureux)
I reached the following conclusion, driving in Paris is very dangerous.


The street where I live.

I live in a small street in the center of paris.
This picture is the veiw I get from my windows.
My flat is on the fourth floor of an old building built in the eighteenth century.
The street is forbidden for cars.
Everybody can walk.
In this street, there was the first Chinese immigrant populations to France at the beginning of the twentieth century.
So there are a lot of Chinese restaurants. They are specialized in the food of the province of wen zhou. Fish, crab, shrimp.
I love my street, it is quiet, charming and especially busy.


About my blog

In this blog, i'm going to write in English.
For me, it isn't easy.
Because I don't speak English.
I've been learning English in Paris for two months.
Step by step, my sentenses will be better.
If you see some mistakes, please tell me.
Tomorrow, i'm going to relate my English court in Paris.

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